Friday, February 4, 2011

R's 5th Birthday

So on with it already right?
For R's b-day, I decided to try my hand (or machine) at sewing some clothing. I got some patterns during Joann's 99 cents sales on them, went shopping for some pretty fabric my girlie would love.
You can see my other stinker in the picture too there. He does this every-time I bring out my camera. He is a Camera Ham through and through!
Anyways, this girlie is all things Princess! So I thought this fabric would be so cute for her!
Next, my friend Sara, had been working her tail off on a lovely quilt for her as well!
And here is said evidence!

isn't that R on the quilt just so special? Sara was just too sweet to make this for her! And boy, does R love it! Now I'm going to have to make a pillowcase to match!
Oh my, this girl got SO many homemade gifts for her birthday this year! How lucky is she? these are only two of her homemade gifts! Grandma made a few things too but I need to take pics of that yet.....
Lastly, the cake me and my hubs made for her party. It was a Cinderella party because she is suddenly obsessed with Cinderella.....
Birdie was a little toy we already had, and the glass slipper was something I actually bought in the bakery at Walmart. Yeah guys, you can buy ANY of their cake toppers there! This was actually originally for a cake called "I LOVE SHOES" but isn't it perfect for Cinderella???? SERIOUSLY?
She and all her little friends loved the cake and their sleepover princess party. It had the 4 P's: Popcorn, Princesses, Pedicures, and Presents~!
And yes, I had 5 other girls from ages 3-6 there too for the sleepover! Yeah, nobody was asleep until 11 at night....Lordy!


  1. Happy birthday to the birthday girl! I love that dress, you did a great job, it's gorgeous!! That bow is really the icing on the cake. :-)

  2. How pretty was that dress?!!! Just beautiful!! You are a TERRIFIC mommy lady!!

  3. How pretty she looks in her dress and what a pretty quilt!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog-I am now a follower of you. I had to laugh when I saw your title on your blog-my son actually calls grilled cheese girled cheese-have a wonderful week!!

    Feel free to come by and "critic" my photography any time you would like;) I can use "the eye" once and a while!!:)