Tuesday, September 21, 2010


What is it with kids? E sometimes drives me nutty.
For instance, there is this lady I know, my kids play with her kids but I DO NOT want to be her friend for some VERY good reasons! Well mainly one, but STILL IMPORTANT.
Any who, E comes home and asks me all the time "Mommy, I like ____, why aren't you friends with ____?" Now several times she has said this in front on one of her kids or just in earshot of them...... ARGGGGG!
And I CAN'T EXPLAIN to her why.....it is an adult issue.....and thus puts me in an awkward position!
I have even tried saying that we are "friends" just to get her to shut up about it. But she knows better I suppose because I pretty much avoid this lady and don't talk to her. She is kind of a dirt-bag. Alright. She IS a DIRT-BAG. Thus I avoid her.
I wish I could get E to stop asking me this question though.

Another bit of news, A said "Daddy" today! :)

I also am in the long, hard process of moving the girls into the smaller room so we can make the bigger one into a craft/guest/sewing/home school room. And I am now EXHAUSTED. Pictures to come when I conquer this feat.
I am also including some pictures of my beautiful Moonflower plant. Pam sent me these seeds. It looks beautiful and only blooms at night but it's quite a show! And the heart shaped leaves themselves are just lovely. It is vining so well, it started to grow on one of my patio chairs too!

'Till next time....

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  1. I hope you saved some seeds, because I didn't have a moonflower this year. Just forgot to plant any seeds. Duh. Anyway, I'm trying to focus on perennials...