Saturday, September 25, 2010

Projects, projects, projects.....

And I was worried about not being busy enough.....
I occasionally like to challenge myself by trying things I normally suck at on my own.
Like, I have, in the past, made my kids' toddler sized costumes, mainly with the aid of a glue gun.
This year, I decided to enlist the help of my friend, Sara to get me started on my SEWING costumes.
So for my girls, I have made two mermaid costumes (WITHOUT A PATTERN [yes, I am proud of this]). They are adorable. As we inch closer to Halloween, I will try to post a few of my previously made ones.
For my son, I have decided to make him into a Octopus. So there is project #1.

I have started quilting, slowly but surely getting my skills in line. Right now, I am working on my "ugly" baby quilt. Ok that sounds like I will be giving this quilt to an ugly baby. LOL I have no intention of this being something anyone would even want. Just something to get me started. So that is project #2

After I get the SKILLZ...

I want to make my daughters both special quilts for their beds. Kinda personalized, like with colors that remind me of their little personalities.
E is a bright, happy, eager to please, shiny little thing, and with her being my little red head, she reminds me of happy colors, like coral, pink flowers, yellow polka dots, oranges, little bit of red and a little green.

R is my little dramatic child, she is like E's opposite, kind of dark, sweet when she wants to be, does what she wants, she's kind of a little mystery and she has the biggest blue ocean eyes I have ever seen. I guess she reminds me of the sea, can be an AWESOME place to be but when it gets angry, WATCH OUT! :) That's why sea inspired colors really remind me of her. Plus honestly her favorite things in the world are mermaids and sea creatures. So blues, greens, grays, purples, turquoise, these remind me of her.

It would be nice to inscribe a little message on one of the patches telling them why I chose the colors I did. maybe embroidering it on there?

It would be nice to make A, my son one too, but he is still pretty young so it can wait a while. :)

Next venture is embroidering. I have decided it would help me quite a bit to keep my hands busy at night, so I think embroidering would be perfect. I just like the more modern embroidering patterns, and not the Walmart kind where Holly Hobby and geese make an appearance. EWWWWWW

I am sure I am forgetting a few projects but oh well. I'll get to it.... :)

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