Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sad But True.....

So looks like it is official. I have to stop doing my professional photography. :( We got a great job opportunity, and it is going to require me to be with the kiddos 24/7, no breaks. LOL Well just about anyways. My husband is going to be gone practically ALL day long from here on out, so I have to focus on being Mommy big time. And since this IS our official first year of homeschooling, it is also keeping me QUITE busy! So by the time all is said and done, there just ain't enough time in the week for photography! I will still continue to hone my skills in it though. I love it WAY too much to just put the camera down forever! My subjects will just have to my family from here on out.
It is sad in a way but then again it would be nice to have the time back too!
But since I have a need to create coursing through my veins instead of the usual blood stuff, I HAVE to find something to do besides change diapers, clean house, homeschool, run errands, wipe noses, (I could go on forever in this list!)
Luckily, my friend Sara has stepped to the plate and has taken up the task of showing me how to quilt! :)
So far I LOVE it. It is so relaxing and I have a huge sense of accomplishment after doing it! Pam my hub's Mom was nice enough to give me her great White brand sewing machine after she inherited a sewing machine from her Grandmother (?) and since Pam's daughter April doesn't do any of the creative stuff that Pam LOVES, she gave it to me! It is a GREAT machine, needed some cleaning as I found out from Sara when she took it upon herself to take it apart and pull out the equivalent of a rat sized dust ball. But once that was done, it has been working like a trooper. Sara told me I SHOULD service it, but at least it is properly oiled for right now.
Anyways, with my AWESOME machine (Thanks again, Pam!) and my awesome bud, I have created two mermaid costumes thus far, and I have started today on my first "test" quilt.
And thus my confidence in my sewing abilities is through the roof!
I just hate doing patterns..... :/
I love shopping for fabrics, love sewing, love feeling that accomplishment!
My girls have both taken a SERIOUS interest in sewing now. E has already made a pillow and a potpourri sachet and R has made a pillow as well! I ended up going to Joann's and getting them a little mini sewing machine that I found for 16 bucks (ok it sucks but they like it for now) and now they are thoroughly addicted! I think Grandma will enjoy sewing with them in December! :) It is nice too because every time I sew now, they start sewing on the little one! I honestly should have gotten two!
Anywho the Hub is home and I am gonna go watch Star Trek with him :) Maybe cuddle....who knows? ;)


  1. Wooohoo I have a sewing buddy--can't wait to get started on that quilting urge that I have created in you now!!

  2. I know, right? I already have a couple rows done now! :) Can't wait to get a really nice fabric one started soon!