Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New cutting table and need some ideas!!!

So I finally got around to taking some pics for you of my cutting table!

It has some great storage areas!

And FINALLY plenty of room to cut my fabric!! YAY!
Back story: Me and the hub found this gem and ANOTHER great table (will show later) for 40 bucks! SCORE! But it was awful heavy to get into our van and into the house! You know where the table originally was living? Well, a couple had it, the guy worked at Kinko's, they apparently were going to trash this, and he grabbed it up and brought it home for his wife to use for scrapbooking. Well, they were moving, and since this thing is horribly heavy, decided to Craigslist it. Hooray for craigslist finds!!!

Here's where I need some help. I am not a fan of the "giant greyness" of it. It is like the same material they use on cheap counter-tops. Which I'm cool with. But I would at LEAST like the sides to look nice! Any suggestions for covering this beauty up?


  1. Great table. Kinda retro looking. HMM... Can you paint the sides? Maybe some metallic? That is a good question, SORRY I am of no help:(

  2. This is a bit late, so you've probably found a solution by now, but if you haven't, perhaps you could use fabric to cover the sides. That way you can use whichever patterns and colors you want, and there are numerous tutorials online about attaching fabric to furniture/objects.

    Hope it turns/ed out fantastically!