Friday, June 10, 2011

McCall's M6022

So I have been trying my hand at sewing clothes. So far, I have issues with some things. Like sometimes it takes me reading a certain paragraph of a pattern about 50 times before I know what to do. Or the fact that I often over complicate simple things....
So I have been collecting up patterns for clothes for my kids. I found McCall's Pattern M6022 which I think is super cute and pretty easy!

But in comes me to over complicate simple instructions! And viola! I have screwed them up! lol

Maybe I should just break down and take a freakin sewing clothing class!

Anywho, to show off what I managed to at least get done

E's- DS fabric from Joann's and some red pin dot I had left over.

Made my own bias tape for clothes for the first time. I think I did pretty well at that. And the gathering is fun.

Then R's top is yellow and white polka dot and Retro Floral Tile by Joann's as well.

I really liked the DS fabric and the Retro Floral Tile. They seemed to be very good quality fabric. Is Joann's raising it's standards? :) I hope so.

Oh. Forgot to mention that these two adorable little angels TORE off the bows I had sewn on these tops. Yeah. I was a little perturbed.
Until next time


  1. love the shirts, especially R's! great job mama!

  2. I am trying to make this for my little two, but I can't figure out the yoke. Any pointers?