Friday, January 28, 2011

Wow, it's been a long time....

I guess I got too busy....or complacent.....well either way.
Wanted to show off a few things from over the from 2 months ago....
For picture A
A lovely little creation for my lovely friend, Sara. My husband (talented man he is) drew it for me and I stitched my little fingers down to little bones on the 11 hour journey back and forth visiting our family. :) I like it so much, I want one now. lol

Exhibit B

A lovely Christmas themed towel Sara made for me in return. I will be so happy to pull it out next year for Christmas! Isn't it adorable?? I just love the little birdies included in the design!

Item 3

Another rag quilt I made for my Mother in Law. :) Those are her favorite colors but man, it is hard sometimes finding red and green fabric that isn't Christmas-y!
The mantle behind the quilt in that picture I decorated. It was fun because I got to rummage through all her decorations she had down in the basement, stored up. I am BIG on Christmas and decorating for it, so when we came to visit them for Christmas, I HAD to decorate their house! Pam likes to do it too, but hasn't done it for years so I kind of lit a fire under her hiney I suppose because after Christmas, she went to Hobby Lobby and bought the store! (well you know what I mean!) Maybe she's hoping we will be up every Christmas to help decorate from now on.....we'll see. This Army thing is tough for that most times :(
Well I am EXHAUSTED (cold I have caught AGAIN is kicking my butt!)
Next time, I will show you what I made for my hub for Christmas, some highlights from R's Birthday, and whatever else floats my boat
Chat more later faithful followers! And thanks for sticking with my blog even though I have not been on top of it lately~!



  1. Wow, that little birdie is...AMAZING! I love it, and I want one too. :-)

    I tried to send you a reply back to your post on my blog, but I'm not sure it went through or not!

  2. Thank you,thank you once again lady for the embroidery ART work!!! I can look at it and see my BFF:)