Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Costumes 2010

Well, I am finally posting these! LOL
I usually make my kids their costumes, except last year, I let the girls just pick something out. But I did make A's costume last year too, at the last minute. I was trying to make him a sheep, thoroughly screwed it up and so I found what little fabric I had at the time, and glue-gunned a parrot costume together. Hopefully, I can find the picture of him in it, it was REALLY cute.

Anyways, I made the kids' costumes this year. E wanted to be a mermaid so naturally, R wanted to be a mermaid too. HOW would I do this???? I can't sew! (or so I have convinced myself for years)

I called my friend, Sara over to help me out, mainly for confidence, I suppose. We scoured the web for ideas. Sara found the design I ended up going with. For the life of me I can't recall the name of the blog and feel horrible, but as soon as I remember I will post it.

So I had a visual. But I didn't have a pattern, which I thought I couldn't possibly get by without one. Oh well, try anyways.
And here are my two end results! :)

They just LOVED them! Got comments all night about them. The only thing I didn't make was the leotards and the green boas. I made their seashells for their tops though. These costumes were fun to make! Really could get creative with it! :)
Next since both girls were mermaids, I thought my son should be something Ocean related. Toyed with Pirate, crab, etc....Then I found this great little tutorial on Martha Stewart's website.
Decided I didn't think it could get better then that, and he would use it as a cool cape for years to come! :) So I put it together and WHALA!

The cutest little sea creatures ever, right? :)
Once again, Thanks to Sara for giving me confidence, assistance, and direction! :) YOU ROCK!
Also, everybody get over to Sheree's Alchemy Blog
and check out her FAB giveaway! :)


  1. What cute costumes, and the kids..just adorable!

  2. Awesome work babe! Great picture too.