Monday, October 25, 2010

Grampa comes to visit

Thought I would kick back for the rest of the "evening" and do a little blogging. :)
My right hand is just begging for a break, I have been cutting and cutting and cutting on my rag quilt tonight. I am making it for someone very special! I finished it today and am now sitting, typing, watching Golden Girls and listening to the washer going. (the quilt is in there!) I can't wait to see the total end result!
Anywho, I thought I would share a couple pictures when our recent guest, Grampa came to visit! He stayed with us for about a week and everyone enjoyed his company! I always try to get a photo shoot in when one of our relatives comes to visit! We only get to see them maybe once a year so I try to capture what I can of it!

A great 3 generation photo: Grandpa, Grandson, Son

At the pumpkin patch

I just love this picture!

My favorite! How do you beat this?

I certainly hope Grampa had fun while he was here! I also hope he likes the pictures I took of them! :)
Night all!


  1. You are done---oooh I can't wait to see it and feel it and you know---all that good stuff!!!

    The last pic is definitely a keeper:)

    Side track thought:You are watching Golden Girls without me:(

  2. it's in the dryer now! I am waiting up for it to get done! I'll probably be taking pics of it tomorrow for the blog. But we'll have to see if the weather cooperates!
    I is very sorry :( You know I' rather watch it with you here, with ice cream....chocolate of some kind. yum. now i'm hungry!

  3. I know he had fun. He talked Mom's ear off when he got home about everything. She's a bit jealous.