Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bunny Love!

I, being a frequent shopper of Joann's, happened to stumble upon this great little book!
"Sewing for Children" by Emma Hardy
My oldest, E, has been desperate to make something. She was begging as I was finishing up my quilt (pics coming soon!) and I felt bad that I hadn't gotten to it yet. :( Bad Mommy!
We went shopping for some trim, buttons, and FQ's.

She is 6, my other daughter R is 4. They both attempted the "Glove Bunny" from the book. E could do a lot of it but needed guidance and help on some things. R could do two of the stitching's and then got bored (and distracted as her friend had come over to play!). She was sorry when she saw what E had made! She was begging me to help her then but we had already been sitting working for A WHILE and it was time for dinner (stinker!). So she will have to finish hers another day.
I recommend this book, it teaches them ALL the techniques needed for sewing just about anything. I like also that it makes them do it by hand and not rely on the sewing machine! (plenty of time for learning that later!) It says for ages 3 and up....and i imagine a three year old COULD do a couple things.....but my 4 year old got bored quick!
I think 6 and above is better.
This book is just overfilling with great projects, Heck, I would love to do most of them myself! :)

Anywho, PRESENTING E's Bunny!


  1. I want to make all the things in that book! E will be able to know that SHE made it too and will always love it because of that!! It was fun helping out too;)

    Off to bed finally:)

    Are you cutting fabric??:P

  2. of course! tomorrow night I will be cutting the flannel but tonight I couldn't help but to cut into my Heather Bailey fabric! :)
    This bunny will definitely be going into the memory box once she gets tired of it! (if she ever does!)

  3. adorable. how sweet. welcome to twitter. u are going to be addicted in no time.

  4. The bunny is just too cute!

  5. Daddy's PT gloves made great little bunny heads!

  6. Army PT gloves have many uses, but making a bunny out of them is possibly a new one. It's very cute and the girls love it.