Friday, August 6, 2010

Tea Party Birthday

So for the longest time I have been wanting to throw one of my girls a real tea birthday party and I finally got my chance! My daughter went for the idea instantly!
I started planning it about a month ago or so. I wanted it to be very eclectic in style, at least with the platters, cups, plates, etc...
First stop was Goodwill! I went there and found all kinds of different fancy plates and beautiful tea cups! While I was there I looked for some table linens and didn't find much. I did manage to find a pretty, minty, green tablecloth and a pink flat sheet. (hey I go with what's available!)
While in that general area, I stopped over at Dollar General, just to browse....found four pretty purple, pink, and green vines and thought they would look lovely on the table or something. I found two green baskets, and some pink paper cups, plates, and napkins.
I tried like you-know-what to find sugar cubes! Apparently they are like NOWHERE! I was going to use it for a game but since I couldn't find them....oh well!
So anywho, games we played were pin the top on the teapot (pin tail on the donkey), musical chairs, and of course the craft/party favor was decorating pretty sun hats for the girls! The girls LOVED it!

There was candy, cakes, cookies, sandwiches and, of course, TEA! I got blueberry and raspberry tea for them and added a little fruit punch to make it just that much tastier!
My birthday girl loved the party and I think all of her friends REALLY enjoyed it too!

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  1. The pictures are absolutely adorable. I have one of the as my wallpaper on my computer. Those lucky little girls, it looks like it probably was the most memorable party of a girl's childhood. I like the way you let the boys be "gentlemen" with top hats too. You could have a business throwing kid's tea parties!