Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Garden

We started a garden! We have so far: 5 tomato plants, peppers, jalapenos, 3 types of squash, pumpkins, pole beans, eggplant, and 7 types of herbs! :) I am very excited about it because I have NEVER had a functioning garden before! The tomatoes are in those topsy-turvy things. the seeds and other plants were planted today! The picture is of our garden before plants and seeds were added. Hopefully soon I will have another picture up of the plants and vegetables growing like crazy! :)
My friend also taught me how to can! We picked wild blackberries and canned them, as well as 2 gallons of fresh strawberries! Unfortunately, the jam hasn't solidified well..... :( But it does make for some excellent syrup for pancakes so not a loss at all! :) Hopefully she and I will get together and she can teach me to hone my sewing skills!


  1. That is amazingly awesome Steph!!! Puts mine to shame. Should have gotten some of those Topsy turvy tomato planters. They seem to work well!

  2. Thanks Sara! We need to get together and hang out! Long time no see! :)