Thursday, February 11, 2010

February seems to be the busiest month for us!

You would think around Christmas would be super busy (like most families) but it definitely isn't! February is SO busy for us, its not funny. It honestly starts on the 24th (my daughter's birthday) and doesn't stop until March.....Things line up like crazy for us. Her birthday, then my husband's surgery, photo shoots, homeschool group activities, planning Avery's party, Valentine's day parties, my friend's boys' party, Avery's party, Mother in law coming down for a week, visit Charleston and Aiken (hopefully), update the doggies' shots, doctor appointments, more photo shoots, my birthday, did I forget something? I feel like I did. And honestly, its kinda nice because I am literally flying by the seat of my pants the whole month. No time to worry, on to the next thing (hopefully, it will be remembered!)
Anyways, for week one of this month of pure Hell, I got my craft closet cleaned out and changed places with the office upstairs. We needed a guest bedroom anyways and my husband's computer stuff fits better in the previously mentioned closet. I also bought him a computer armoire. He enjoyed putting it together today. :) But I think my new Craft/guest room looks great! I might actually be able to find something up there!
Been busy shopping for Avery's party. His first birthday! We are doing a circus theme, which I think all the kids will enjoy. My friend Amy, a wonderful cake baker, volunteered for his Cake. It should be AWESOME! (pics will be coming soon!)
Went to the doctor today for my anxiety. LOVE my doctor. She is one of the few in Tricare that actually gives a krap! She listened, asked me questions, and understood what I was talking about. She also respected my wishes. It is SO rare to find a good doctor when the Government is controlling every aspect.
Ah, krap. I forgot to call my Mother in law. She sent me a wonderful vacuum thingie. An Ergorapido (?), lol I LOVE it. I hate sweeping the floors, and this thing makes it so simple to clean up little bits and pieces the kids throw on the floor! Never thought I would be so happy with getting an appliance for my birthday! Keeps the krap out of the baby's mouth!
Hmmmm......I guess that will be all for now. Until next time!

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