Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My poor husband..... I feel just awful. So yeah we have two girls and a boy. We decided that after three kids, maybe we should be done! Jonah volunteered to get a vasectomy. I agreed because its much less invasive. Every woman I know who has gotten her tubes tied, has ended up getting hysterectomies and then the issue of their vaginal cavities collapsing. So yeah, I didn't want one. I have a pretty awesome sex life, and I don't need it to end anytime soon. So today I took him to the Urologist. He had some percicet and valium so driving probably wouldn't be good for him! Got in and I wanted to be in the room with him to make him feel at ease (as if he honestly needed it, I was more nervous then him.) but they said no. He did fine and I was expecting him to be wheeled out but he walked out with a smile. I kept telling him take it easy, the pain meds are making you feel good now, you will feel HORRIBLE in a bit. Sure enough, we get home he sits down, and next thing I know he is in horrible pain. He takes another percicet, and is currently on the couch napping for now. I feel just awful for him but he and I both know if I had gotten mine, it would have been much more painful.
My five year old girl, came down and just asked me "Why did Daddy need surgery?" And I said "So that we won't have any more babies." She said "Mommy, YOU have the babies, not Daddy, silly." So I explained without going into detail "Daddy has the baby ingredients and he gives it to me and then we have a baby. They did the surgery so he wouldn't have the ingredients." She seemed satisfied with my answer. LOL Is she really at the age already where she asks me questions like this? WHAT HAPPENED????

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  1. Aww poor hubby!

    My son knows all that now, including all the words for it. He also watched Willow being born so he knows all about where babies come from!