Sunday, November 27, 2011

FIELD TRIP (otherwise known as a vacation)

We were lucky enough to get to go to Gatlinberg, TN for a Army Strong Bonds retreat. We had a lot of fun! We road the trolley down the mountain to Ripley's Aquarium. Military discount there ROCKS BTW!
It was the first time we had road the trolley so that was pretty exciting! 
What was really great about this place was all the tubes! 
They really put you RIGHT in the middle of the exhibits face to face with penguins

And even sharks!

Avery loved climbing in the tubes mainly and seeing the penguins swim ALL around him. :)

What is REALLY great is that this trip happened to fall during a time when we are studying fish in Science right now! What better way to learn than to be up close watching and even touching the fish! 

And then, I went camera nuts. I loved taking pics there. I just couldn't help myself!

Hope you enjoyed the pics and here is a pretty cute one from the trip :) Merry Christmas!

Pookie needs a haircut lol

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