Monday, October 4, 2010

Some of my finished projects.... :)

First up, my first attempt at quilting! :) It is not the best looking thing, as after I cut them originally, the fabric started fraying, so I had no re-cut them with the pinking shears and do so unevenly, not really caring about the end result.... :) I also played around with hand-stitching vs. machine stitching. I still haven't made up my mind about that..... My buddy, Sara walked me through the quilting for the first time, she is a great quilting teacher! She said I did great, which looking at this, must mean she is trying to boost my confidence.....LOL So a BIG thank you to her! I am still happy and am SURE my next one will look GREAT, as I will be trying harder, and with cuter fabric! Speaking of that, here is my next fabric choices for quilting!
This is going to be a rag quilt for my oldest daughter, who is my little cowgirl! :) Whatchya think?

Next up....

This is the jar pin cushion I finished the other night! The fabric is called "Blue Bird", And I got it from Joann's. I am IN LOVE with it. I got more of it and plan to make curtains out of it for my kitchen. Well, eventually anyways! :P I do love that it is storage and the cushion! Honestly, this would look better with a smaller print, but it's mine and I like it!

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  1. AWW THANKS for the compliment!! Love your pics especially the one with the pincushion on the table outside! That color combo is really GREAT seeing it all together NOW!!